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Building Brands - Matching Aspirations

Have You Ever Wanted Your Own Branded Products?

Imagine selling your very own premium products while increasing your current margins.

Add to that an increase in your own brand awareness, regional exclusivity and the profitability to grow into a wider market

Proven Results

In 2019 we’ve taken multiple clients from our industry leading MOQ of 12 bottles to pallet sized orders.

We don’t see a saturated Spirit market, we see a market thriving in regional, diverse and specialist products

So What’s The Big Secret?

We know that retailers are squeezed at both ends

We want to help your business overcome this and we want you to reach out to more customers.

So start talking to one of the most exciting drinks manufacturers in the UK...


How Do We Increase Your  Turnover & Profitability?

Most businesses look at making money and saving money as two separate goals.

We offer both to your company in one exclusive package.

Firstly by increasing your margin with a direct Manufacturer to Retail price. Then our in house branding and eCommerce services focusses on your bespoke product scaling it into the market

How we go above and beyond 

All of our services are available FREE to your bespoke product & brand

R&D - Flavour Trends

We specialise in predicting future flavours in the drinks industry. Be the first to offer your customers the most on trend products under your own brand

Brand & Graphic Design

Our design team mixes experience with youth to provide eye catching products true to your companies ethos and customer base

Mixology & Bottling

All production is 100% in house so we can deliver a fast & quality product every time. We cater for all volumes from 2 cases to multiple pallet size orders. Our MOQ is one of the lowest in the industry at 12 bottles

Marketing & eCommerce

Our retailers increase their profits by coming direct to a manufacturer. We take this a step further with eCommerce promotion, on trade & wholesaling opportunities scale their business even further


I’m so pleased to be working along side Tip Tap Top. Their Spirits are excellent and immediately became my best sellers. I can’t wait to launch more flavours and brands in 2020.

Sarah Dobson - IWSC Judge

Premium bespoke custom private label Gin


“We had pre sales immediately from our first sample bottle and it quickly became our best selling Gin of December 2018”

Jason & Lee Directors of Mollie Sharp’s Selby


“The design team were excellent from start to finish. We pre sold 17 bottles on launch day and sold 100 bottles in 2 weeks. The Gin flavours sell themselves”

Luke Adams - Director of The Juniper Tap Grantham 

Premium bespoke custom small batch craft gin

We continue to work closely with the 

Co-operative Supermarket. Supplying Ciders, Wines & Liqueurs over the years. They currently stock 9 liqueur flavours

“Tip Tap Top is a highly recommended supplier with a great selection of products”

Sarah Huntridge

Members Relations Manager

David Lloyd


eCommerce Platform

Browse our clients products on a website designed for both retail and trade sales

eCommerce Website


Every Spirit, any flavour and all the knowledge to create an exclusive product for your brand

Own Brand  Spirits

Wholesale & Export

Discover the potential of your own brand with our networking and licensed products

Wholesale & Export

Trade Information

If you have the license, we have the products and knowledge to expand your business

Trade Information