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The ​select and fill system for liqueurs and spirits

We know if your customers try our unique range of liqueurs and spirit drinks they buy. To facilitate this

we offer a complete dispensing and gift package to suit all retail outlets.

This includes a clear lockable Display Cabinet, Dispenser, Liqueurs, Spirits, Bottles and Gift accessories. Everything you will need to sell a personalised gift to your customers                    

Our Standard Dispensers are available in 3s, 6s or multiple thereof, all saleable items are Sale or Return.

To find out more about our  Cabinet and Dispenser system with free delivery, staff training and your choice of  li Liqueurs and Spirits please explore the web site or contact our head office via the button below.

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Dispensing Systems

Our Dispensing Systems are adaptable to any retail outlet and come with many customisable options and sizes.

We cater to...

Bars & Restaurants

Farm Shops & Deli's

Garden Centres

Independent Wine / Spirit Retailers

Licensed Gifts Shops

and many more..

So what do you get?

Everything needed to make a sale in a compact attractive lockable cabinet with a small footprint to maximise space utilisation

It comes with dispensers filled with your choice of liqueurs / spirits, a selection of bottles, closures, gift bags and tags ( for the legal stuff).

Your customer requests a taste, chooses a bottle which is filled, tagged and bagged, with options for personalisation ( glass writing pen included!). Expect premium returns and repeat custom. Ideal for gifts throughout the year, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Valentines, Mother's and Father's Days, Halloween ( see our skull bottles!) and Christmas.

We can advise which are the best sellers for each occasion.

The cabinet illustrated with contents comes on a Sale or Return basis so you can test your customer reaction with mimimum impact on your cash flow.

That's how confident we are!

Dispensing Packages

Each package below can be customised to suit your outlet style, retail space and customer preference

Terms are :- a refundable deposit, 30 days on initial stock; then 30 days or date of reorder whichever is soonest. All on Sale or Return.


£100 refundable deposit;

Everything needed to make sales including:

 Clear Glass & lockable Cabinet,

3 Dispensers,

6 (3 x 2) litres of Liqueurs, Spirits,

Bottles & Accessories.

Free delivery 

Free Staff training


£ 200 refundable deposit;

Similar to the Standard Package but includes a double cabinet option

6 Dispensers

6 x 2 litres of product

Double glass variety

Add a Standard package at anytime as your business builds.


£ 300 refundable deposit

All the benefits of the silver package plus:

Any combination of Cabinets, single or double up to 3 total.

9 Dispensers

9 x 2 litres of product

Multi Store


Whether it's multi departments in one store, or one Dispensing system in every store up and down the country we can cater to all needs.

Contact us for a Premium Package quotation.

Additional Information

Every customer receives free delivery, free staff training and continued Sales Support.

Tip Tap Top own the Cabinets & Dispensers and only their products can be displayed in them

Customers are invoiced on re-order for the glass and liquid sold

Glass and flavours can be exchanged to match seasonal or sales preferences

The Dispensing system can be removed at any time and the difference in glass and liquid sold is the final invoice /credit  due

For a brochure, RRP guide, and gross profit breakdown please follow the instructions on our Contact Us page

Trade Information

If you have the license, we have the products and knowledge to expand your business

Trade Information