Latest News

Because we can't directly mention or promote almost all our clients 

we thought a list of updates with no names will let you know we're not sitting around.

We're A Little Off Piste

23rd July 2021

A clients request has the team breaking away from main stream Spirits.

Schnapps is produced in many forms so we thought best to keep it as traditional as possible.

Après Ski or something more outside the box? Time will tell with this brand new product for a very creative client.

Unique Schnapps recipes now joins the wide range of Liqueurs and Spirits available to each and every client. Prost!


More Bulk Than Bottle

1st July 2021

For the first time this June clients ordered more Bulk litres of Spirit than bottled CL finished product equivalent. Our diversifying clients never fail to surprise the team, so we thought we'd list everything we think they are doing with their Spirits (swimming and bathing aside)

1) Topping up their branded bottles across their optic bars

It's better for the environment and it's a better price to the client

2) Refilling shop bought bottles for returning customers

Same reasons as above plus what shop doesn't like regular customers

3) Producing house cocktails made easily in big volume

5 litres pitchers created by the Bar staff for regular and well ordered drinks

4) Blending by clients with their own regional and specialist ingredients

Reworking our base Spirits and making it their own produced and bottled product

5) Filling and packaging into smaller vessels

Often into multi gift packs with a variety of flavours for a boosted RRP

Global Supply & Demand

21st of April 2021

South East Asia has just joined our list of Exported International Regions.

Our ambitious & well connected clients leverage their high quality UK manufactured  Spirits and market them for the international trade.

Big Ideas, Global Targets and Mass's mentioned by many and achieved by a few. Well done everyone involved with this project. 


As Seen On TV

1st of April 2021

Congratulations to one of our clients who not only had their product reviewed by a Food & Drink Expert on Channel 5, their Spirits came out the most recommended against all the other  locally sourced competition. 

Growing Together 

25th of February 2021

Our clients are not only creative...they also continue to push boundaries and excel in their own markets. Their success also means shared expansion for everyone.

"Made in Yorkshire" has now joined "Made in Lincolnshire" as TTT opens a 2nd unit nicknamed 'The LS Lab'

Clients now market and brand in two of the largest counties in the UK.

Quality still remains at the heart of production. Clients who continue to put liquid first never regret it. This is how we continue to Build Brands and Match Aspirations.

We Are The Sip - Website Launch

18th of January 2021

A much anticipated brand launch which has been well worth the wait.

Huge credit to our client Sarah and her creative team for knocking this one out the park. Click here to browse the site -  Website 

2020 Number Crunching

4th of January 2021

72% of existing clients from 2019 launched a new product at some point through-out 2020. Of those clients 100% of them created at least 1 Rum product.

Slow 2020? Nope. 2 new 2020 clients each broke records.

One being our fastest retail Start Up and the other beating our largest bulk order for optic use for a Bolt-on Primary.

Cream Liqueurs Yes Please :-)

20th of December 2020

The brief was something like...bit like Baileys but better, with our twist of course.

No pressure then. R&D isn't one to back down so watch this space.

Getting Our Glitter On!

15th of November 2020

When a popular sea side brand requests an awesome new flavour PLUS edible glitter to boot, and right before Christmas... you know pre sales are coming.

Full image credit to one of their valued customers.

Out Selling The Competition

3rd of November 2020

Congratulations to this midlands City client. Their brand is the No'1 best selling Gin for their customer, a large renowned department store in the area.

Sips All Round

1st of November 2020

Sarah and her team launch their 4 Spirit brand. A Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Rum just to cover all the bases. 

We like the Cigars and Cravats mention on the Whiskey label, nice!

Baubles Fly

20th of October 2020

This year clients got really creative with these tree hanging beauties. Custom colour coded ribbons and product perfect labels.

All our clients are offered Baubles each year for their own Spirit flavours. 

Every year production starts making them earlier and earlier!

Photo credit goes to a local and very valued client, thank you.

We Now Make More Rum Than Gin

6th of September 2020

This will surprise our largest Gin customers who aren't slowing down. 

Rum has been mentioned and plugged as the next big thing in the drinks industry for about 5 years now. Almost 100% of all our new business in 2020 lockdown has been Rum which includes all varieties. Dark, Spiced, Golden, White and Flavoured.

We are seeing zero decline in Gin, so don't panic!

A Serious Start Up Is Taking No Prisoners

2nd of August

One of our old college buddies rang the team up with a brilliant brand concept.

In just 6 months they've proven to be creative and smart by tapping into a niche market with little competition. Their 2021 growth will be exciting, they have the full recipe for brand dominance, more credit to them!

Big Brand Pairing 

13th of July 2020

This City based Rum Bar client has paired their Premium Spirits with Schweppes & Coco-Cola's Signature Mixers. Co-creating 6 unique drinks by their influential mixologists. They also have the official branding to prove it.