Introducing Tip Tap Top's exclusive range of bespoke products designed and manufactured for the trade

Are you selling alcohol to the retail market?

Maybe you sell shelf ready from a shop, or have a number of Bars in town

If you have the correct licenses we have margin increasing products for your business

So what are you offering me exactly?

Some clients buy our Spirits in bulk. Choosing to either dispense through our bespoke cabinets or to bottle and label their own products

Many ask us to complete all processes in house and deliver the finished product to them

We offer many options so you choose what will benefit your business best

Tell me more about Private Label

There are many benefits to having your own exclusive line of branded products

We offer many free services regarding product development

We give you access to premium Italian glass and an in house graphic design team to brand your own products

If you have a logo, idea, product name and / or company images our team will work with you to craft a personal branded label and drink.

So what type of businesses do you supply?

Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Cafés, Deli's, Farm Shops, Garden Centres, Wine Merchants, Off licenses, Catering Companies, Event Companies and Chains

How do I know the quality of the drink is good enough to put my companies name on the bottle?

When you request a specific Spirit with ideas on customising it's flavours our R&D team will provide free samples for your approval

Our experience in flavouring drinks, hitting trends and creating a demand in the market not only impresses our clients customers. It also has them asking for the next new flavour

What's the next step to getting my own branded product?

We would be very pleased to hear from you

Some quick questions to consider...

What type of Spirit

What flavour profile

What liquid colour

What strength abv %

Bulk or a specific bottle size

What shape bottle

What type of closure

How many labels... front, back, neck or other

Shape of label to bottle shape

Label material

Company name

Product name

Logos or images

Colour scheme

Overall theme

Brand sub category

That's a lot to think about

We welcome as much input as you would like to give

Our creative team has produced quality branded labels just from the shape, colours and fonts on a business card.

You will most likely already have enough information for us to produce your premium product

Let's get talking

Everyone gets excited about their own brand

There is still regional exclusivity available to many areas... so let's get talking

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